VeganGMO Interview

Yesterday Happy Cow published an interview I did on behalf of VeganGMO. Go check it out!

The Animalist: Vegan GMO? What does this even mean?

Jamie Foley: We are a group of vegans who believe in the positive potential of biotechnology to help us achieve our values, to reduce and eventually eliminate our reliance on animals as tools of production, to increase the efficiency of and reduce the impact of modern agriculture, and to create more nutritious and appealing food. We want to help return veganism to its science-based roots so that it can be an effective and progressive movement for social change.

The Animalist: When it comes to GMO or biotechnology, opponents usually declare that we can’t be sure of the long term consequences, that something terrible could be unleashed. Popular fiction such as Fantasia, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice comes to mind. What would you say about this?

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