Comments on: Biodynamic farming Fri, 20 Jan 2017 13:10:40 +0000 hourly 1 By: sacredagriculture Sat, 08 Oct 2016 19:36:19 +0000 I’m glad to see some people have figured out that biodynamic agriculture is NOT compatible with the vegan and vegetarian philosophy/spirituality and way of living. Not matter what the biodynamic assocation shills may think or say…

Btw, there is no vegan alternative to making preparations, don’t be fooled by such claims… Biodynamic means following Steiner’s indications and do a certain degree, at least for legal/marketing purposes, being certified by DEMETER. What this means is there is no alternatives to making BD preparations; deer and cows MUST be slaughtered and their guts taken out to ferment plants inside their bladder, intestine, etc. End of story.

People need to know what is going on in both Organic (co-opted and corrupted by the government) and Biodynamic. ALL the facts need to be told, not only what marketing feels is best to sell more products.

Biodynamic agriculture is NOT sustainable and not a sacred practices, no matter what the so-called “experts/gurus” tell us. They lost their perspective when they decided to put their brains on ‘park’ and beLIEve what a former Rosicrucian/ Theosophist (i.e. change agent ushering in the new age agenda (sic)) told them, rather than decide to build a loving relationship with nature on their own, coming from within their own spiritual authority, at their own pace, on their own terms.

I suspect people are falling into the biodynamic agriculture trap because they are searching for a deeper spiritual meaning in their lives. Good for them!. They know that Big Ag and Monstanto is perverted and they feel that Organic does not quite fill them with the “spiritual willies” they need. “Spiritual willies” is the “rush”, the excitement and tingling that we feel inside our guts when something moves us beyond the monotony of materialism, and into something closer to the spirit world where we came from. This is why cults and religion are so successful; they make people feel like something bigger, deeper and transcendent exists, something that reminds them that they are spirits caught in a material world and that there is a magical way out of their predicament.

Steiner knew this being an initiate and high level member of various secret ancient mysteries schools. BTW, if you didn’t know, once you reach level 10 of the Rosicrucian you may be asked to join the “Illuminati”, via a secred ritual… Good for Steiner for making that far!

This is why Anthroposophy (i.e. Steiner’s creation tailored to corral Christians into the new age) is full of “mysterious rituals” that only a clairvoyant can understand… This is the ruse used by cult leader; only they have a direct connection with things of the “higher world”. You don’t and can’t so you must follow their guidance. You see, Anthroposophists don’t have the luxury to question Steiner’s indications (i.e. dogma); they do as told because he is the all knowing guru/priest. People can only climb the Anthroposophy ladder by studying Steiner books, becoming experts at quoting Steiner at whim: “Steiner said….”. Just like all members of a Cult they cannot question their Guru and feel inferior to him.

This is why Biodynamic Agriculture is a spiritual cul-de-sac; it can only bring you so far on the path of self-discovery. If you can’t walk on your own and feel stuck, then you can follow Steiner…

Biodynamic is NOT vegan, is NOT “saving the planet” (i.e. DEMETER slogan), and is NOT “sustainable”. At best it is a misguided attempt at finding the deeper meaning of life and a case of spiritual narcissism. – “Look at me I’m doing magic in the garden and know the true secrets of the cosmos”. :S

Some of us can think for ourselves and can cut right through the bullshit (pun intended) no matter how it has been composted or marketed.

Killing deer, killing cows, killing insects, killing weeds, etc. is not a sacred practice, and covering the planet with cow dung is not sustainable, end of question.

The time has come for a real paradigm shift:

By: Atmaja Yoel Anan Sun, 27 Mar 2016 15:28:58 +0000 Here is an article on vegan alternatives to the biodynamic preparations:

By: Seb Tue, 01 Sep 2015 15:30:55 +0000 PS I can’t get past the signs of the zodiac in biodynamics. How can patterns projected on to stars that are nothing more than cultural fairy-tales, and the fact that the stars involved have no relationship to each other than they look close together from this planet, really have any bearing on agriculture or horticulture? The author has been pejoratively labelled a “linear” thinker – is that opposed to a squiggly thinker capable of linking the tree outside the window, the unwashed cup in the sink, and the cat’s latest fur ball, into a revelation of greater truth?

By: Seb Tue, 01 Sep 2015 15:19:27 +0000 Didn’t someone write a book entitled ‘Why Smart People Believe Weird Things’?
Taste is subjective (re. biodynamic wine is superior). How can one taste health? Biodynamic farming equals healthy soil – break that down, what in biodynamic farming causes healthy soil? Is it anything different from organic farming? Biodynamic farming, that is every instance of farming biodynamically, is a hell of a lot of variables, how can we know that the things actually causing the healthy soil are unique to biodynamics? I think some of this may be approaching the questions scientifically. Whereever Steiner was coming from – East, West or outer space – biodynamics can be analysed scientifically, there is no exemption, those seeking exemption are simply trying to protect their “spiritual” leanings.

By: Lizzie Sun, 03 May 2015 14:12:50 +0000 Hello All. I’m a lifelong vegetarian, and a co-owner of an organic farm. The farm has also recently become biodynamic. I am also a biological scientist by training. The three main things I’d like to say are:
1. Biodynamics does use animal parts – mainly cow horns – in making its preparations. But animals don’t have to be slaughtered to obtain those parts. Every animal dies of old age at some point.
2. Biodynamics is not based on Western science. Rudolf Steiner was thinking in another paradigm. So it isn’t reasonable to expect BD to make sense from the point of view of Western science.
3. I cannot explain why Biodynamics works, and I find Steiner’s writing very unclear. But there is a wealth of evidence that BD does work: it creates extremely healthy soils, plants and ecosystems. It is possible to taste that health in food that is grown biodynamically! For example, biodynamic wine is far-superior to conventional wine.

I too think Steiner’s ideas were eccentric. But if more farmers used his methods, our earth would be healthier. Conventional farming, using fertilisers, pesticides etc. is doing terrible damage.

By: Kristy Wed, 24 Dec 2014 23:59:20 +0000 As someone married to a viticulturist and living on 600 acres of wine grapes, I can safely say that biodynamics is nothing more than a way of marketing shit wine for a ridiculous price. I

By: Hollywood Tomfortas Sun, 08 Jun 2014 17:36:45 +0000 Here is a long and excellent article about wine as a sacrament, with special focus on bio-dynamic wine. Along the way, the author gives a really good summary of Steiner and his ideas and mentions Lynne Carpenter-Boggs as the leading scientist who has done peer-reviewed research on Bio-Dynamics since 1990.

“In the late 1990s, Lynne and a colleague set up a series of long-term experiments designed to test the efficacy of Steiner’s preparations. Up to that point, little of the research into biodynamic agriculture had been properly refereed. The first of their experiments compared ordinary organic compost piles with organic compost piles treated with biodynamic preparations. In the biodynamic piles, Lynne found slightly higher temperatures and new populations of microbes. She also found faster decomposition and greater retention of nutrients, improvements that showed up consistently across several years. But when the preparations were added to the soil, the results were ‘unimpressive’, she told me.

How the biodynamic compost piles improved is still a mystery, because the preparations are too thinly spread to boost nutrient levels on their own. Lynne said they might serve as catalysts for complex organic processes we don’t yet understand. They could, for instance, trigger butterfly effects among microbes. ‘We know that microorganisms communicate with each other by several means, including through diffusible molecules,’ she said. ‘But the chemistry of microbial signalling is a new frontier in microbiology, and it’s very complex.’

I asked Carpenter-Boggs if she thought Steiner’s work should be regarded as a source of genuine insight into agriculture, given all the pseudoscience he promoted. ‘Biodynamic agriculture is meant to change the way you look at a farm,’ she said, ‘but we don’t have to take all the details at face value. The compost preparations, for instance, could work by forcing you into valuing biodiversity, because you have to use all these different animal parts.’”

By: Jeremie Langevais Sun, 01 Jun 2014 16:42:37 +0000 Preparations (labeled 500-508) in biodynamic agriculture is just a natural way to fertilize the soil, a kind of “the old ways”. You’re not forced to use chemicals in agriculture. And nobody is forcing you to eat those vegetables also. You don’t mention that biodynamic agricuture prevent desertification that you see in massive agriculture. And that some wine producers refers to it when they see that pesticide on grapes change the taste.

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