Dental Fluorosis

Fluoridation opponents have pointed to the rising prevalence of dental fluorosis as a reason to rethink fluoridation, they often present the public with images of brown, pitted teeth as if to say “This is what could happen if your city fluoridates.” Yet, like many tactics used by the anti-fluoridation movement, this is fundamentally misleading.

Dental fluorosis is described by the CDC as,

…a change in the appearance of the tooth’s enamel. These changes can vary from barely noticeable white spots in mild forms to staining and pitting in the more severe forms. Dental fluorosis only occurs when younger children consume too much fluoride, from any source, over long periods when teeth are developing under the gums.

Unlike the pictures of brown and pitted teeth presented by anti-fluoridationists, the vast majority of dental fluorosis in the US is of the mild variety, resulting in little more than slight white streaking on the tooth enamel that is often barley noticeable¹. This form of dental fluorosis is considered a cosmetic condition only, does not negatively affect the health of the teeth, and requires no treatment. In fact, research indicates that people with mild fluorosis get less cavities and are more satisfied with their oral health, in one such study the authors wrote, “mild fluorosis was associated with a lower risk of dental caries and a more acceptable appearance. It is essential that a balanced view of the relative benefits and risks of the use of fluorides is maintained and proven benefits are not overwhelmed by largely unfounded aesthetic concerns.

The fearmongering of anti-fluoridationists over community water fluoridation and severe fluorosis is largely unfounded. Cases of the more severe form of fluorosis are not very common in most developed nations such as the US and can often be linked to known risk factors such as improper supplement usage or drinking water with fluoride levels above the recommended concentration. The Nation Research Council found that, “the prevalence of severe enamel fluorosis is close to zero in communities at all water fluoride concentrations below 2 mg/L.

Prevalence of severe enamel fluorosis at the person level by water fluoride concentration, permanent teeth, age < 20 years, U.S. communities.

While the incidence of dental fluorosis² has risen in the past several decades, it has increased in both fluoridated and unfluoridated communities. In fact, the increase in prevalence is “proportionally greater in non-fluoridated areas than in fluoridated areas.” This fact, along with other research suggests that increased prevalence of sources of fluoride other than municipal water have been central to this increase. Canadian researchers summarized the situation nicely, “water fluoridation has unique advantages from the perspectives of distribution, equity, compliance and cost-effectiveness over other fluoride technologies, it remains as the fundamental base for caries prevention. The increasingly greater contribution that other sources of fluoride make to dental fluorosis suggests that these sources of fluoride, many of which are used on an elective basis, should be more closely examined for needed changes.

1. For examples of what fluorosis looks like see, What does dental fluorosis look like?

2. The prevalence of mild fluorosis may be somewhat overestimated as researchers have noted that there are other causes of mild streaking and discoloration.

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6 Responses to “Dental Fluorosis”

  1. michael brett baker Says:

    appreciate the ‘science’ – seriously…shame science cannot explain the pineal gland & scientists admit They aren’t Sure what’s going on w/it ..For me; You Are What Ya Drink ..S.V.: what type of Water Filtration do you have in YOUR HOME? Do You recommend fluoridated water to Loved Ones?..i’d love to have a pic of the underside of your kitchen sink…

    • skepticalvegan Says:

      Micheal, I already addressed this issue with you here and here. You have no evidence to back up any of your claims nor have you had any rebuttal of substance to evidence and point I presented in previous comments including the DMT/pineal gland claim.

      I don’t have a filtration system in my home. Why would you expect that I did? I’m not scared of fluoride so why would I have a filter?
      And I recommend tap water to friends, I think expensive filters are generally a waste if you live on municipal water sources.

      • michael brett baker Says:

        good to hear back from you…yes i read the (here).and (hear0..but again; i’m no scientist & frankly get lost in the science speak..I will repeat though..THEY admit not knowing what going on with the Pineal..Hey- one thing i haven’t mentioned- What got me interested in this (here’s the Very short version)…i had a Mild Skin Dis-ease clear disappear after only @mths of Bottled Water..i have to go now..Thanks – really – I Am Doing My Best to stay Open Minded..i like considering myself Awake & lookin for truth no mater how Good Bad &or Ugly it May lak’ech as Max Igan likes to say.

  2. michael brett baker Says:

    i’ll look for admittance of Not Knowing it’s function/abilities..FULLY- your ‘quotes’ are fingernails.

    – since I can’t ‘observe’ your claim to drinking FL my questioning you was lame….& you gave the answer you Had to give probably..

    Didn’t S.Hawkins say something to the effect science is perhaps presumptuous to think it will ever have the Theory to Everything?….seems ProFL has the Theory to Everything in Relation to Fl & just as short of the mark- for same reasons..( & last I heard Hawkins wasn’t exactly jiggy with multi-dimensions..jeeezzz ) Here’s a M-theory: ALL layers considered: science (of the missing chromosome ‘brain’ ) & metaphysics (pineal & dimension stuff ), logical, level-headed-common- sense, a personal Observation of a mild skin dis-ease cessation ..& Stats….Conclusion/Bet of a good Poker Player : Potential Benefits aren’t worth the risk/bet against the Potential Hazards of INGESTING FL..(esp. when/where topical treatments available ) Discover/Make All the Laws you care to- You Are Not AWAKE…& science will Never do that for you- inherently incapable..On the other hand, it’s a ‘thou mayest’ kinda deal..(arguably) & your programing … re: your recommendation of FL.. You are playing into the Luciferian Control..& your use of ”Fear Mongering”??? -also a luciferian(control) trick you’ve fallen for..& are perpetuating…again; You Are Not Awake. .&your ‘scientific mind’ /intellect is your invisible prison..&you are Hyp-M.O.-tized..sorry- but that is actually a fact..a truth…which I have Observed..( from an unfair advantage pt.- I Am Awake & actually lookin back).. “…tell them a truth to change beliefs & they’ll act like addicts.”-J. McDevitt/Deepsix

  3. michael brett baker Says:

    true story; i once went to a hypnotist show w/a friend volunteered to go to stage & put under- then sent back to his chair next to me. i looked at him & said. “hey man you’re hynotized”… his reaction was similar to yours (& most of the world ) )-8..& life for me remains the same..i haven’t looked into eyes Awake for 9yrs now.

    While i’m here though- i have a facebook community pg: ” Altus, Oklahoma USA fluoridation of water supply ” I would like ‘followers’ to Know All views are Welcome…feel free to jump in & i’ll stay out of it..

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