The Fear Babe, Part 5: GMOs

Today I am going to wrap-up my five part series on an article called Think Twice Before You Buy This Type of Burger by The Food Babe, aka Vani Hari.


Lastly Hari warns her readers that “if the burger contains anything derived from corn or soy, you can almost guarantee it comes from genetically modified seeds unless it is certified 100% organic.” The problem with this, she states, is that such foods, “have been linked to toxicity, allergic reactions and fertility issues and have not been studied for their long term effects on our health.” Wow, that sure is an eye opener…except that it isn’t true. In reality genetically modified foods have been the subject of thousands of studies attesting to their safety and do not pose a risk beyond that posed by other more publicly accepted breeding methods.

Infographic On 4 Ways To Breed Crops By Scrambling Genes

Frankenfood Fears by SkepticalVegan
GMO Labeling by SkepticalVegan
The Food Babe is anything but an expert on GMOs by Joe Schwarcz

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