Narwhal Cheese, Plant Sentience, Vegans, & Nerdy Punks

I’ve been fairly busy lately and haven’t been giving this blog the attention it deserves. Unfortunately I don’t foresee that changing much as I am starting a new semester today but to tide you over for now here are four recent interviews and discussions I took part in.

First Luc and Stevie of the Team Earthlings Podcast called me up while I was at TAM to discuss the recurrent arguments regarding plant sentience. Give it a listen here.

I was also recently interviewed on Sydney-based community radio station 2SER about the Real Vegan Cheese project. Listen here.

I was a part of the inaugural episode of the Lemon Slice Nebula podcast which you cant listen to here. In the podcast the difficult subject of animal research comes up, I probably muddled what I was saying fairly badly so feel free to get into it with my in the comments but I also highly recommend listening to this conversation between anti-vivisection activist Dr. Ray Greek and skeptical podcaster Dr. Steven Novella.

Lastly I was recently interviewed by my buddy James Funston for the a series he is doing on scholastic punks about punk rock, DIY science, veganism, and other stuff. Check it out here.

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